Vacuum Packing

A Japanese artist has made a couple of projects titled “Vacuum Packing!” and “Vacuum Packing! Heartbeat“, which as it’s name suggests, involves vacuum packing a person completely in rubber, in suspension. While vac racks/beds are known for rubber fetish uses, this is the first time I’ve seen this in the mainstream. Well not really, as it’s an art piece/installation, but you know what I mean. 🙂 What really interests me about this is how the entire body is held in suspension rather than lying on your back, and that the rubber is coming from all directions forming a 3D cocoon rather than being squashed flat in a vac rack.

It would be hot to be completely encased in either one of those devices, particularly the ‘Heartbeat’ which appropriate sounds (*ahem*) could be pumped into the person inside.

EDIT: looks like the two links above are now dead, and I’ve removed them. However, it appears Kink Engineering sells Vacuum Cubes in addition to Vacuum beds too. I might have to save up for one! 😉