Rubber1st is now The Rubber Geek

A few years ago, I changed my online handle in most places from ‘rubber1st’ to ‘therubbergeek’ as I feel that it reflects my persona better. I came up with the ‘rubber1st’ name about 15 years ago and it had served me well, but it’s time to move on. This website and blog started out on Blogger and had moved to my own domain at for a few years now.

A couple of weeks ago, the web host that the site was on had gotten infected with malware, and I spent a fair amount of time fixing and cleaning it up, and figured it was a good time as any to move it to a new web host, and a new domain name. I ended up going with SiteGround, that offers better security features and performance optimisations with their Managed WordPress hosting. I’ve managed to migrate the whole site almost without a hitch.

Other than a fresh new template with an updated look, and a few new pages, this is still very much the same blog and all my old blog posts are still available, with redirects set up so old links and search results should just work.

Welcome to 2022 and welcome to the shiny, rubbery world of The Rubber Geek. Keep it polished!