Let’s face it, one of the reasons we have profiles on the dating apps and sites is for the dopamine hit of getting that notification that someone ‘cruised’ or ‘swiped’ or messaged us. However, for some reason, there appears to be no sense of decency or respect on gay dating or hook-up apps/sites. It seems perfectly OK to lie about yourself, post pictures that don’t belong to you, cancel on dates at the last minute, or worst of all, stand someone up. I’ve been disappointed far too many times by guys on here who’ve done all of the above.

Why is it so difficult to just meet people, with no expectations, and see where things go from there?

Expectations. Such a loaded word, and the reason for so many misunderstandings on dating sites. I’ve considered some people to be ‘time-wasters’, and have even been called one myself, but it boils down to what each of us want, doesn’t it?