MIR 2012: Arrival

After an epic 24 hour trek around the world, I’ve just arrived in Chicago tonight. Feeling tired, dirty and hungry, I made my way straight to the hotel to check in, since it was nearly 11:30pm, I asked reception if there’s anything open for food and was directed to a diner across the road where I got myself a big, greasy burger with more chips than I could finish.

Went back to the hotel room, had a nice hot shower and poured myself a glass of wine, and fired up Recon and Twitter to see if anybody’s around (was surprised not to see rubber men all around the hotel and on the streets). Granted, I only just crossed the road and back, so no surprise there, and MIR hasn’t even officially started yet.

From the lack of engagement and responses, I guess some who are already in Chicago are probably out having a drink somewhere (or at private play parties in their hotel rooms 😉 ), and others may still be en route. I need the sleep anyway so I’m calling it an ‘early’ night (even though it’s already 1:30am local time, by body clock is well and truly fucked up by the jet lag, I’m sure).

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the weekend holds.