The Aneros

Some months back, someone told me about the Aneros and so I looked it up and reading about it intrigued me, so yesterday I went out and bought one. It was rather expensive for a ‘toy’ but from the testimonials and reviews on other sites, it seems to work as advertised, and then some.

The Aneros itself looks like a fancy butt plug, but it’s actually a specially designed prostate massager. Its base has a little knob which presses against your perineum. Once inserted into your anus, all the different parts just lock-in on the right places, stimulating the various erogenous zones simultaneously.

I had the evening to myself, so I followed the instructions carefully, and as excited as I was about trying it out, took my time to relax and get into the mood. The steps call for being in a relaxed state, and aware of the sensations that you’re feeling. When you’re comfortable with the Aneros inside, you’d start contracting your sphincter muscles. Learning how to control your muscles is key to using the Aneros, as it is completely controlled by contractions of your sphincter. The harder you clench it, the deeper it goes. It’s a marvel how this all works. After a bit of practice, I found that I was stroking my prostate with the Aneros, and it felt really, really nice.

This relaxation, breathing and muscle control is very similar to Tantric sex and Kegel exercises.

Just by lying there and massaging my prostate completely hands-free, I reached a state of complete ecstasy and was writhing around on my bed. It was an orgasm I’ve never experienced before, one that was continuous and in waves, rather than a single explosion. As it was non-ejaculary, there wasn’t a refractory period where I normally can’t masturbate again for a few hours. So I just carried on and reached that peak a few times. I was dribbling pre-cum too which doesn’t normally happen for me.

I managed to control myself and keep my hands of my cock till the very end, but will all that stimulation going on elsewhere, it got really hard, really quickly, and timing the strokes with the movement of the Aneros inside, the feeling was unbelievable. With the prior muscle practice, I was found it easier to control ejaculation and maintain the euphoria you’d normally get that few seconds before you cum. When I finally let myself go, my whole body was shuddering, and your sphincter normally contracts repeatedly and so this makes the Aneros stroke the prostate continuously, resulting in mind-blowing orgasm and a huge load of cum which ended up all over the place.

Needless to say, at the end of the hour-long session, I was completely drained, but very satisfied. Even now, the day after, I’m still feeling the pleasurable sensations around my prostate when I contract my sphincter muscles, as if the Aneros was still in there. No argument that is is one of the best things I’ve bought so far. I can’t wait for the next chance I get to use it!