Shopping for Rubber

Earlier this year I decided I just _had_ to get some rubber gear of my own, having drooled over hot guys in rubber long enough. I had been checking out retailers of rubber fetishwear online and off, and was happy to find out that Eagle Leather was right here in Melbourne. They are mainly a leather fetish shop, but supposedly stocks rubberwear as well. I was very intrigued and eventually built up enough guts to make a trip there to see what they have. Even so, I was mingling outside the shop, and pacing up and down the street a few times trying to calm my nerves. I was feeling like a teenager going into a sex shop for the very first time.

Eventually I decided to heck my inhibitions and just walk through the doors, having made it all the way there, I wasn’t about to leave empty handed, or at least without seeing what was inside. Much like this guy’s experience. I was in dizzy euphoria once inside and I was just cruising around the store as casually as I could pretend to be, despite my heart thumping like I was about to have a heart attack. I checked out their leather clothes and accessories before moving to the 2-3 racks of rubber clothes. I think I must have gone through their collection of rubber something like 10 times before I finally decided to ask the store attendant if I could try something on, and I picked out a simple short-sleeve T-shirt. He showed me the changing rooms and reminded me to use the baby powder that was in every cubicle.

My heart was racing as i powdered myself and gingerly pulled the T-shirt on. It wasn’t as skin-tight as i hoped, but then my build is a bit on the skinny side, and don’t have bulging arm and chest muscles to fill it up. I spent a long time in there admiring myself in the mirror, and feeling the rubber with my hands and on my body. I wish I had brought my camera then. After what I supposed was about 10 minutes, I finally decided to take it off, but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. Not wanting to stretch the rubber unnecessarily, I had to call the attendant to assist, and he just pulled it off and checked for damage.

In the end I didn’t buy that T-shirt because I thought A$200 was a bit much to pay for a T-shirt and I figured I could get the same for much cheaper elsewhere, or spend that money on something better. Still, I had to get something as a memento so I picked out a plain black cock & ball sheath, and a bottle of lube.

My whole trip home was in ecstasy as the rubber t-shirt left a strong latex smell on my body and I kept getting turned on my it. I couldn’t wait to get home and try on my new sheath too. Unfortunately some friends called and invited me for dinner, so i didn’t have time to play with my new sheath. Dinner was in agony and once I got back i stripped and lubed up my cock and the sheath well and proceeded to savour the latex on my hard dick. It felt different from a condom because of the thickness. That combined with the smell of latex still on my body drove me wild and I had blew a huge load.

I’m definitely looking to get more stuff, specifically a plain hood or gas mask, a pair of pouch shorts. a t-shirt (long- or short-sleeve), a surf-suit and of course eventually a full-body catsuit. Any recommendations for a reputable store that produces good quality gear, and doesn’t charge a bomb and-a-half, would be much appreciated.

Keep it rubbered 🙂