Redemption Melbourne

Wow, what a weekend. Last Saturday there was a dance party called Redemption, themed ‘Spartacus’ for the Melbourne Leather Festival. Dress code called for leather, or fetish-wear like rubber, pvc or uniforms.

I went with S in full rubber, me in my rubber t-shirt and his rubber jeans, and i had bought a pair of 10-hole Doc Marten boots for the occassion. On the night itself, while changing we swapped boots as his DM’s were shiny leather and went with my outfit better. So here we were, two rubbermen on their way to a night out of fun. Just before we left, though, I suddenly became incredibly nervous about going out in public wearing rubber, especially in a full outfit from head to toe. It’s like my secret obsession and I didn’t want to be seen in it. But S calmed me down and reassured me.

First stop was to the Peel, a popular gay bar, but it was early and wasn’t too exciting, so we took a stroll down to the Laird instead. The crowd was more our kind, and there were two other rubbermen there (though they were older men and not quite to our taste). After having some drinks we caught a cab and made our way down to the city for the main event.

The party was spread over two levels, but most people were on the lower level where the dance floor was. As expected, there were more guys in leather than anything else. Seemed like it was only me and my friend in rubber. Saw a few other guys with tight skimpy shorts which might have been rubber but we couldn’t be sure. might have been PVC, but still a bit disappointing in that respect that there weren’t many rubbermen there. Besides that, it was a pretty good mixed crowd of older and younger guys. Some nice eye candy to be checked out, including a cute guy in a paramedic overall.

The music was great, and I hadn’t gone dancing in ages and it made me realize how much I missed it. I was feeling incredibly sexy while wearing full rubber, and the nervousness I had earlier had totally dissipated. I was enjoying myself among my kind of people.

Really enjoyed myself and we were there until almost 4am when we made our way back, exhausted. I had the most fun in a very long time.