My Rubber T-shirt

My order from Reactor arrived today! I got the email from them last friday saying they had mailed it out that very afternoon. I was hoping, but not really expecting it to arrive today, but I still checked my mailbox every couple of hours and imagine my surprise when there was a package for me after lunch.

I ripped the package open and took it all in slowly… the feel, the smell, the look of the shiny material. Eventually taking my normal clothes off and putting the rubber one on. Thus began my transformation into a rubberman.

Being a short-sleeve t-shirt with a zippered front, there was no trouble at all putting it on, even without any talc or lube. While zipping it up.. the rubber just gripped my torso tight and it felt awesome. The sleeves are very short, which i’m not really used to when wearing normal t-shirts, but it definitely outlines the body nicely. Every movement, every stretch, every breath, the rubber moves and stretches with the body. Looking myself in the mirror, I see this guy who looks HOT, and it takes a while for my brain to process it and realize that it’s myself. I’ve never been proud of my body before this.

I’ve had the rubber t-shirt on ever since I got it out of the package, and still have it on as I’m typing this, 5.5 hours later. It feels so good and comfortable I don’t want to take it off. Just a couple of hours earlier I had put my sheath on and jerked off with a few fellow rubber buddies on webcam, sort of an initiation into my new rubber life. The feeling was intense, feeling the tight rubber on my body and my cock, with the heady latex smell drifing into my nostrils, and watching my friends (also in rubber) and myself on camera jerking off.

I feel like I am a different person now. The person I’ve been wanting to be for a VERY long time. I’ve finally ‘connected’ with my fetish fantasy life which has been out of reach until now. I feel accomplished, and I now carry an air of confidence of who I am and what I like. This is yet another step for me and I’m feeling positive and soaking in the experiences as they present themselves. This is only the beginning. BRING IT ON!