Leggings from Invincible

My latest rubber purchase was a pair of leggings from Invincible Rubber. They were having a sale in August and offering a significant discount on their wares. I was quite concerned about the sizing and had shot a few emails to them with my measurements and I got a prompt reply recommending a “Small”, so that’s what I ordered.

The order took a few days to be processed, which was understandable as it was a bank holiday on the day I submitted it, and also it being the last few days of their sale and falling on a weekend. I’m guessing they must have had a deluge of orders to go through. After I got the confirmation email and the credit card billed, the package arrived in about a week from the UK. Pretty impressive.

As for the fit, it’s amazing, for an off-the-shelf cut. I’d consider myself on the slim side and the rubber still fits skin tight, and the length is just perfect. They have leggings in a few styles and I had ordered the one with a through zip, from the crotch all the way to just above the bum cheeks. They did not specify the number of zippers on their web site so I had assumed there would be two, maybe three if I was lucky. To my surprise there were FOUR! Not that it’s a big deal to me, but it does allow for more flexible configurations of use. 😉

The rubber is of a medium thickness and feels great. Soft and pliable enough that it forms a good second skin without being too uncomfortable.

I was recommended Invincible by a few friends and I would not hesitate to buy from them again and can vouch for their quality and service. Perhaps next time it’ll be a catsuit. 🙂