Seeing as this is my first post, I might as well introduce myself.

I’m a 26 year old guy living in Melbourne, Australia and I have a fetish for rubber as a second skin. This basically means clothing made of skintight body-hugging latex.

I’ve discovered my penchant for this material during puberty when I kept getting uncontrollable hard-ons (not knowing what was going on with my body then) when I saw photos of condoms as a method of contraception in a family medical handbook. A few months later I found a pack of condoms in my parents bedroom and stole one to play and experiment with. Around the same time I learnt the pleasures of masturbation, quite by accident. It didn’t take long to eventually put the two together, and it felt really, really good. In later years I improved my jerkoff techniques as well as trying many different combinations of condoms and lubes. Even now, jerking off with a condom is still by far my favourite way of getting off. Try this – take a ribbed condom, turn it inside out (so the ribs are inside!), lube it up well, and stroke away, making sure the textured parts of the condom make contact with the highly sensitive parts of your dick.

I thought I was a bit weird enjoying the feeling of rubber on my dick, due to reading things online about how most men prefer sex without condoms and how it numbs the sensation. On the contrary I actually found it a huge turn on. It wasn’t until I came across pics of women in rubber catsuits while surfing for porn that my jaw just dropped. I thought to myself “Gosh I wish I could wear something like that”. I began searching for porn using “rubber” and “latex” keywords but most straight rubber fetish porn involves a dominatrix in rubber, and her male slave either stark naked or in simple rubber harnesses or straps. Then I discovered a site called The images of men in rubber were strangely compelling and piqued my interest. It was extremely exciting browsing the galleries and seeing all these men in shiny black rubber, and wanting to be just like them. Not being able to access the full sized images and prior issues of rubbermen was frustrating for me as a high-school student then, not having a credit card, nor any gear of my own to send in. When I got my first credit card, one of my first online purchases was membership for full access to their content. Needless to say i was ecstatic and soaked everything up like a sponge.

My sexual orientation has been a long (and still ongoing) journey of discovery. I’ve always thought of myself as straight all the way through high school. Due to parents’ tight discipline, I never got a girlfriend in my school years, and being in an all-boys school didn’t help on the socializing front. Of course there were people in my school who were outwardly camp and ‘soft’ – the stereotyped gay behaviour – who of course got the brunt of teasing and bullying from the testosterone-fueled machoismos, but I never really associated with them. I convinced myself I was straight and presented myself as such. In uni I’ve even dabbled in heterosexual relationships but none of them really worked out. I’d become really good friends with the girls, but when we take it to the next level, everything changes and it just goes sour, and luckily in most cases I was able to work it out to save and maintain the friendship.

I have a friend, lets call him B, whom I met on IRC. He was in the same uni, but in a different course. Somehow we became good buddies and clicked really well, online and off. He dropped out of uni due to financial difficulties and started working at a call center. We still kept in touch and there was one incident where he was putting in OT at his company on a weekend, and he was the only staff on hand so he couldn’t leave the office, and his office is pretty isolated without food nearby. I offered to bring some lunch for him, so i grabbed a pizza and went to his office and we shared it together. I didn’t think much about it, just being my usual helpful and generous self, but about a year later, B came out to me, not only telling me is gay, but he was also madly in love with me. The confirmation for him came on that fateful day I decided to play pizza delivery boy, saying it was such a sweet thing for me to do for him. I didn’t know what to make of it. I became incredibly confused at that time. Here was one of my best friends telling me he loves me, and I’m a straight guy (or so I thought, then) so how could this possibly work out. I really didn’t want to disappoint him but I just told him it just wasn’t possible and his poor little heart probably crumbled to pieces. Unrequited love is such a painful thing. Even so, we still kept in touch and remained good friends, but kept a respectful distance from each other for a year or so. One evening I met up with him for some drinks and he asked if he could give me a blowjob, no strings attached, something he’d been meaning to do for a very long time. We adjourned a secluded park and we started making out. He made me blow my load and sucked every single drop of cum out of me. I tried to reciprocate but I just wasn’t comfortable with it and eventually he jerked himself off. It was the most amazing sexual experience I’ve ever had, and the time I lost my virginity (if you consider oral sex as such, otherwise I’m still a virgin then). My previous relationships were purely platonic, which according to some, was why they all never worked out. After that night, I kinda drifted away from B, partly due to guilt, and I needed to do some time and space for figuring of myself out. I have since gotten back in touch with him and had open discussions about how confused I was about my own sexuality. He’s the only person I could confide in and talk about sex without shame or embarrassment. I think he has gotten over the fact that I may never be his long-term partner, but we remain very close, more so than all my other friends due to the the intimacy we have shared with each other. I enjoy his company and hope we’d become fuck buddies.

Even when it comes to porn, as far as I remember, I’ve always preferred hardcore stuff, mainly because of the presence of males and close-ups of their thrusting dicks. I felt I could associate (as much as you can when it comes to porn) 🙂 with the on-screen action with the presence of a guy. Females touching themselves, or lesbian porn just doesn’t do it for me. I began checking out gay porn after B had planted a seed of doubt in my own sexuality, and initially I found it uncomfortable, but not disgusting or unacceptable behavior for two men to kiss and have sex. Quite eye-opening at that time.

Which brings us to the present day. I am still not sure of my orientation, but seems to be swaying both ways depending on my mood, though lately more like 60% gay/40% straight. Never having the chance to fuck a woman makes my judgment a bit biased. I still find girls attractive, but perhaps due to my prior bad experiences with them, and the complexities of understanding the female mind has made me a bit jaded and curious as to how it would work out with a guy instead.

Regardless, I find men in rubber incredibly hot and I’ve only started acquiring some gear of my own, starting with a simple cock & ball sheath. I’ve saving up for a body suit, hopefully a full-body catsuit. I can’t wait to have my whole body covered in a second skin of soft, pliable and shiny rubber, and the heady smell of latex just adds to the sexiness. Imagining myself in a full rubber suit while jerking off is usually enough to bring me to orgasm. I’ve also dreamed of being placed in a rubber vac-rack, immobile and subject to the whims and fancies of whoever else is in the room to give, or deny me pleasure. Having read some stories about machines used for milking has aroused my interest (and my dick) and would like to subject myself to the unrelentless mechanical squeezing of every single drop of cum from my body. Never having tried bondage of any sort, I can’t say if I’d enjoy it or not, but I am not interested in heavy BDSM or anything involving pain, mutilation, scat, puke, blood (!) or piss. I don’t do drugs nor smoke, and only drink occasionally. I’m not at all attracted to effeminate males, nor transsexuals and cross-dressers (sorry).