Gas Mask

I’ve recently bought a gas mask from ebay. Although initially I never really thought of gas masks being sexy or horny, as I’ve chatted with fellow rubberists and hearing their experiences of incorporating a gas mask into their play, the idea warmed on me. I first tried on a few at Eagle Leather (a German m40 and Russian type) and it actually felt quite nice, having your head and face tightly enclosed, with the rubber or rubber-like material gripping tightly and slightly laboured breathing through the filters (and smelling the rubber.. mmm)

I didn’t buy the masks I tried on at Eagle straight away, cos I couldn’t justify the price at the time. So I went back and researched the different mask types and shopped around elsewhere, like the army disposals and on eBay. Sometime around the end of November I was just browsing on ebay and happened to see a good price for an american m17a2 gas mask, which had been recommended to me by someone. It was a bundle of the mask, plus a carry bag, chemical hood and a few other things, and the auction was ending in a few hours so I placed a bid, and surprisingly I won it. It was a pretty good price for what I was getting, but after adding shipping and money transfer fees, it wasn’t exactly as good a deal as i thought it was. At best it was similar to what I’d have paid at a local army disposal shop.

When the mask arrived I gleefully took the postal slip to the post office to collect the parcel. It was bigger and heavier than I expected. I opened the package like a kid on Christmas morning. I tried it on immediately and it was better than the other two masks I tried at Eagle. Felt awesome, but I had to rush off to work so I didn’t have time to have a good play with it. Although I ended up paying more than I would have liked, after receiving it and trying it on, I think it’s worth every cent.