It’s been almost 2 weeks since I decided to put up a profile on the RubberList. It took me a lot of deliberation before deciding to do it. I’m normally a shy and reserved person but I figured if I wanted to meet other people who shared my fetish and for myself to explore it further, I’d need to make my move. It’d be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for me to meet other like-minded rubbermen in real life.

And how successful has it been? Well, initially I was mainly checking out other people’s profiles (some of the guys are HOT!), but as it turned out, the way RubberList works is that the other person also gets to see who’s been looking at their profile. I even noticed some ‘celebrities’ were among the Rubberlisters. I call them celebrities because I recognize their nicknames from their photos featured in many Rubbermen issues, and they being my favourite guys in rubber. Eventually I built up the courage to send some of these guys a brief message.. usually a simple “hi” and maybe admiring their pics or complimenting on their looks. 😉 Surprisingly, most of them actually responded back! By then I also started getting a few messages from other members. I’ve chatted with some of them and gotten to know a few people better.

I’m glad that I’m not alone with my sexual confusion and my love for rubber. These rubbermen that I’ve had the pleasure to meet seem genuine and very down-to-earth, and I can see friendships starting to form with a few of them, despite the big differences in our geographical locations. The Internet really makes the world a lot smaller, but conversely, it also accentuates the physical distance of the real world. 🙁