A Perfect Day

Sunday started off as a pretty normal, uneventful day. Just relaxing and lazing around the house, going online and chatting with a few buds.

Mid-afternoon, I got a PM (private message) from someone (whom I’ll refer henceforth as “S”) who’s in Melbourne too. We got onto MSN and chatted a bit, and to our mutual surprise we were in the same suburb! We then thought it was a bit silly to chat online so we decided to meet at a cafe nearby for coffee.

I was nervous as usual, but went without expectations, just to see and get to know him. He was at the cafe before me, and was very friendly and we got along pretty well. We chatted about the usual stuff, work and life, then onto our fetishes and rubber. Since we seemed to ‘click’, he asked if i wanted to ‘play’ for a bit, in rubber of course. He said he had some gear which he’d let me try on. I was intrigued but a bit hesitant at first, after all being our first ‘date’ so to speak. But since we were doing things spontaneously today, I agreed. We walked down to our neighbourhood, and he showed me the street he lived at, and I went back home to get my rubber t-shirt.

Half an hour later I was at his place and there was a brief moment of awkwardness, due to nervousness on both of us but was quickly dispelled with some reassuring hugs and kisses. Well, we ended up in his bedroom, with his rubber gear lined up on the bed. While waiting for me he had already put his surf-suit on, and made me put on his rubber jeans, and hooded sports jacket. Everything fit nicely and it felt really good, on top of the t-shirt I already had on. We romped around on the bed for quite a bit… enjoying the feel, smell and sounds of all that rubber on us, and touching our own bodies. It was very horny. I was enjoying the rubber so much, we didn’t even get down to our cocks until much later, and we sucked each other off, with a bit of 69 at some point, and finished each other off by hand.

After we cummed, we snuggled up each other, feeling really good. I felt really comfortable with S and there was definitely a good connection there. We cleaned up and had some food from the kitchen, and watched a dvd in front of the open fireplace in his cosy house. Snuggled up against each other on the couch, it was so romantic. I was in bliss after I came back home, reluctantly. I fell asleep thinking of what happened during the day and the unexpected turn it had taken, for the better.